Public Service Announcement Time…

Fur, feather, and hooks. Thread all that together and you have what’s on my mind these days. Winter is generally equated to fly tying. So why not get a bunch of people together to do just that? I can’t think of any reason not to. Well, Master-Fly is the answer. It’s a mystery bag fly tying event loosely based on MasterChef, Chopped, and the such. It’s a fun event with a chance to create something interesting with given fly tying material for not only bragging rights but also cash and prizes. Continue reading

Metolius, Sometimes I Loathe Thee

Photo credit: Ryan Brennecke

Photo credit: Ryan Brennecke

It was early, perhaps too early. It was o’dark-thirty in the morning and I was tossing my gear bag out the slider onto the patio as Ryan pulled up. You’d suspect we where going steelhead fishing on the Lower Deschutes. But no, we where not, we were not even heading far enough from town to warrant such an early departure. We were simply heading over to the Metolius for some trout fishing. So why so early? I don’t know: hedge our bets on getting into fish by having more time, give Ryan first light opportunities for his photography, I’m that slow at rigging up. It could be any number of things. One thing for sure, we both thought our departure time was sort of ridiculous. But there we were throwing my gear in the back of Ryan’s truck in the dark of the morning. I looked back at my place and saw… well I didn’t see much. It was dark as hell and all the lights where out. I didn’t stir wife or son. It would be an hour or more before they woke, flicked on kitchen lights, and started their day. By then I would be on the river trying to sniff out the notoriously educated Metolius bows. Continue reading

Rod Memory: What’s In and With a Rod

B&W Fly Rods

What’s in a fly rod? Sure, some are rolled from graphite, some crafted from split Tonkin bamboo, others are poured fiberglass gel, there’s guides, reel seats, cork grips (sometimes composite) and such. But I’m not looking to go into a “how to make” or a “how it’s made” dissertation on rods. I’m asking what’s “in” a fly rod? What is it that draws us towards one rod over another? To claim one better than another? To choose one from the quiver over another for the day’s fishing? This is not about a general rod company being better than another general rod company. I have my certain dislikes and likes towards companies. It’s a question of what draws us to a particular rod regardless of the company sticker on it. When I’m getting things ready to head out to the water I take a moment to decide which rod is going with me. I’ve thought on this a handful of times and I always go back to one instance where this metaphysical pondering was brought to the forefront. Continue reading

Rugged Creek Review… Sort of…

Photo Credit: Ryan Brennecke

Photo Credit: Ryan Brennecke

A month or so ago Rugged Creek sent me a couple rods, reels and some fly line to test out. I did, but before I mention anything I should say something – my thoughts on them could now be seen as biased. Between testing these new items and reviewing their Classic Switch Rod awhile back, read review – here, I’ve gotten to know them and them me. During a recent conversation they asked me to join their team. After some deliberation, I accepted the offer. Continue reading

Photo credit: Arian Stevens

On the Up and Upper

It was a slow methodical rigging. Erroneously double checking that every guide was strung. Adjusting straps on an already adjusted pack. Tying tippet on with a blood knot when I knew a double surgeons would suffice for the fishing we where about to do. I wouldn’t say I was deliberately taking it slow, none of us where in any real hurry, nor did I have any reproach in regards to our impending water. I was just sort of… curious. That’s all. Curious how the water would look, how I would fish it. Continue reading