About Me

My outdoor enthusiasm parallels that of a spring fed river. It bubbled and slowly seeped from its source. As it flowed it gained volume and energy from tributaries, becoming a rapid enveloping current.

My enthusiastic headwaters can be traced back to the woods I explored around my childhood home in Southwest Michigan with the pulse and flow intensifying with each summer vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The confluence of those two parts drifted me westward. I plunged into the Willamette Valley of Oregon then meandered around Central Idaho for a bit, pooled up in Southwest Montana for a stint before finally eddying into Central Oregon.

It’s the outdoors that took me to all those places. It’s outdoor wonder and activity I constantly seek. While I often hike and backpack as outdoor activities in-themselves, my outdoor time is mostly spent fly fishing. I hike and backpack typically as a means to fly fishing. So I guess what I’m saying is the one thing most people learn about me is that I fly fish and most other things I do, I do outdoors, and that they relate to fly fishing. I also volunteer for fish and water conservation; I’m trying to give back and help out as much as I can for the next generation of fishers. Whether it be a local riverside clean up, a riparian restoration project, or helping children learn to fly fish, I’m game.

As noted I try to spend as much time as possible in the wilderness. My wife always says, “If it was up to you we would be living in the woods and pooping in a hole.” I think it’s my sideways look of wonder and calculation that makes her think it’s a close possibility when she says that. In the end, truth be told, I’m just happy she puts up with me and enjoys the outdoors as much as I do and tickled speechless by my wonderful son she brought into the world.

As for this site… well… it’s an experiment to get me to write more and hopefully get feed back. It is a place for musings and lore, to share tips and perhaps occasionally fulminate on things I find irksome (e.g. conservational things or sport related ridiculousness). But mostly, it is a place to fumble around with writing.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully coming back.


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