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Fur, feather, and hooks. Thread all that together and you have what’s on my mind these days. Winter is generally equated to fly tying. So why not get a bunch of people together to do just that? I can’t think of any reason not to. Well, Master-Fly is the answer. It’s a mystery bag fly tying event loosely based on MasterChef, Chopped, and the such. It’s a fun event with a chance to create something interesting with given fly tying material for not only bragging rights but also cash and prizes.

Here’s the simple, or maybe not so simple, breakdown: 4 qualifying rounds, a semifinal and a final head-to-head. There’s a $5 buy in with buy back capabilities. Each entrant is given a brown bag containing an assortment of great tying materials and hooks. From that bag the tyer creates one interesting, fishable fly in a given amount of time… But wait, there’s a fun little twist. Within 5 minutes of starting, each entrant will also be given a black bag – the mystery bag. The black bag will contain, something, anything really, it just won’t be your normal tying stuff. The contents of the black bag needs to be visually incorporated into the fly. Don’t worry, the mystery item won’t be anything too crazy, like an anvil or a distributor. It’ll be an item with usable material, just not from your typical source. The top 2 tyers from each qualifying round moves onto the semifinal round. And the top 2 from the semifinal round go head-to-head. The winner and runner up win cash and prizes. But note, there’s giveaways at each event, and a grand drawing at the final event so everyone participating or spectating has a chance at some great prizes. That’s pretty much the sum of it.

4 qualifying rounds, one held at 4 different fly shops in Central Oregon:

The semifinal and final will be held on one day at one shop:

Photo Credit: ©Arian Stevens Photography

Photo Credit: ©Arian Stevens Photography

Bring your fly tying tools and vise along with your ingenuity. The prizes and giveaways are awesome and numerous and seem to be mounting by the day. It would be best to learn more and too general stay tuned about Master-Fly by following and liking it on Facebook -

For some great inspiration and motivation, as well as some good humor, read what Paul, of Outside Bend Productions, has to say about Master-Fly over on his site -

Hope to see a bunch of folks at each event, I’ll be at every one of them.


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